Simply Trust and Believe…



The school year is officially over and summer is here.  I have some opportunities teaching dance to keep me occupied throughout the summer and have scheduled a trip to the west coast for some rest and relaxation at the beach.  Although the summer has just started I already feel like it’s going to go by so fast… yet, I am hoping it slows down a bit so I can figure out what’s next in my life.  These past few months I have definitely felt a shift within me that’s yearning for a change. I had this same feeling a few months before I moved back home from New York… everything appeared to be the same but my inner being seemed to be moving elsewhere, not wanting to stay where I was.  I have this same feeling now.  This shift to make a change was confirmed in a dream I had about a week or so ago… I was in different locations, almost a step by step of my past to the present and then the future…the end result was… well, it was not where I am at in this present moment.  I knew the place, the location, but how to get there wasn’t quite clear … I was only shown where to go.

So after I had the dream I came across this documentary HOLY GHOST.  The film was pretty much curated by the holy spirit.  The director had no script, storyboard, no plans really on how to go about the film… he was simply in full surrender to wherever the Holy Spirit led him to.  The crew ended up traveling across the world, to a Muslim mosque in Morocco, Mormon territory in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Hindu shrines in India speaking of and praising Jesus Christ through song without any violence erupting… they were accepted, protected the entire trek.  Their tactics were quite different to what is usually seen on street corners, people holding signs speaking harshly into a microphone about damnation, and the urgency to repent…instead they walked the streets peacefully, being led to certain individuals in a gentle manner offering healing to any ailments they may have had. All the individuals they approached were open to receiving healing… and the crew of pastors/ believers simply laid their hands on them and prayed boldly in Jesus’ name…truly believing… the holy spirit was working through them… They were truly using His power. Also, aside from that, what kept them on course were promptings/ visions of landmarks that they were to visit… and somehow the very people they helped led them to these very landmarks.   They simply allowed the spirit to lead them without questioning or even figuring out on their own on how to get these landmarks… they truly put their trust in God.

The film made me think of moments in the past in which I was led by The Holy Spirt.  I had received a vision,a dream… I mean there was even a time I was lost in New York and heard a gentle voice lead me to which subway car to get on, and which exit stairway to walk out of and then I was led to a friend that actually needed some encouragement en route to where I needed to go.  I have had other experiences like that but at this moment, I do feel like the Holy Spirit is far from me… or maybe my old way of being in control is getting in the way to allowing to be led.  The dream excited me a bit, but really pushed me to know how and when this will all going to come about…anxious… impatient, really.  I want it all to transpire fairly soon but it’s only causing frustration from within.  As this month is ending, I am telling myself to trust and truly believe that the Holy Ghost will lead me… I don’t need to worry or make plans on how to have what He has shown me… I have done that before and it did not end so well…the Lord will lead me to the right people/ places to bring about my destiny.  Simply trust and believe….. my mantra 🙂

File_000 (2)

The pic above is me in my new car… definitely an intercession of the Holy Spirit… confirmation that The Holy Spirit will come through and is listening.  In my old car I kept saying “I just want a reliable car”  and “a SUV would be nice!”  Now, in my own thinking I would’ve had to wait and save money but God made it happen way quicker…. okay, I got it… simply trust and believe… it’s coming sooner than you know it!


Then the Lord said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh? Why did she say, ‘Can an old woman like me have a baby?’  Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”

Geneis 18:13-14 (NLT)




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